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My native language is not english, so i'am sorry for all mistakes or wrong spelling of any words in this player :)

There are some bugs i know about:
- after every resolution change (fullscreen too), the movie will be reloaded, because, the movie does not change the size to the specified plugin sized. When a movie is loaded, it will get and set the right size. So i reload the movie after every resolution change. 8 secounds later it will jump to the last position. 8 secounds, because this is the time i give the player to reaload and rebuffer the file. If not everything is buffered up to this position, the movie will jump the last bufferd position.
I dont know how to fix it yet.

- The plugin will crash when you change a movie or resolution, while the player is rebuffering. I didn't find the reason, but it also seems to dependent on the movie itself and some other things.
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script and design by Blccdy
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Contact: Blccdy

e-mail: Bloody99@gmx.net

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- the player can stay on every position on a website
- even useable with iframes
start with parameters
- you can use parameter in the url to load a specified divx
- file = filename incl. url or path on the server
- width = window width
- height = window height
- fullscreen = (true/false)
- example: mp.html?file=http://myurl.de/myfile.divx&width=640&height=480&fullscreen=true
- the player can be moved by drag&drop on the player border
- all other windows can bee moved too, by drag&drop the title
- move the volumeregulator to change volume
- click the volumefield to change volume
- the loudspeaker symbol turns the sound on and off
spool the Movie
- click the movie-position-line
- move the movie-position-regulator
- use the playercontrols
file . open
- enter full URL, starting with http://
- enter path and filename from a file on the server relativ to this html-file
- set the size of the movie-window
- fullscreen support, resize the movie if the browser window is resized
- the movie have to reload after every resolution change, to receive the new settings
- Zoom x% relativ to the current movie size
- define/set your own resolution
- after reloading the movie, it will jump to the last position
movie list
- 'Start next when finished ' plays every movie is this list after each other
- click one movie in this list to play it
- after the last movie, the first will play again